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Tiny Righteous Acts

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After years of witnessing horrors inflicted upon women fleeing abuse in their home countries, the need to do something more burns like acid in human rights attorney Charlotte “Lottie” Fornea’s soul. Forming a low-profile nonprofit, she wreaks high-profile humiliation upon those who shield themselves behind five thousand years of male-dominated baloney.


Each success fills her with fierce enjoyment, but escaping unscathed is no reason to draw a sigh of relief. She’s getting anonymous threats…and no good tidings of justice served will protect her when the stalker chooses to strike.

Available at and wherever books are sold.

Seagulls at Walmart

seagulls at walmart.jpg

Parker Buman's poetry has been published internationally in print and online journals. Seagulls at Walmart is her debut collection with poems that speak to just about everything under the sun, everything that moves and that moves her. With particular love for the feathered and the furry and sometimes even those with skin, her poems are scattered, very much like life itself. 
Available at: and wherever books are sold.

arabic lessons

i whirl ink
right to left
loops then dots
end in a guttural froth
declare my name 
first with noon
later ya
arrive at another me
thank you
peace be upon you
as-salaam alykum
with dance of pen
i am
now what 
to do
with this union
western marrow with bedouin soul
freckles and russet
drones and wall street
with sun sky sand. 

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