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Parker Bauman

Author. Poet. Thinker. Dreamer. 

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Have you hugged your ginger today?
Maybe you don’t have a ginger. If you don’t, I am here for you. Send me a virtual hug. With the best of emojis, I will return the embrace: rosy-colored cheeks, heart-shaped eyes, a big ole red heart.
At any rate, welcome to this website about me. Me! Me! Me! If you think that sounds self-centered, I’m with you. But it’s the best way I know to tell you about my work: my blog, my forthcoming books, my poetry. In fact, a website is pretty much required as a writer, though Dorothy Parker and Eudora Welty didn’t have this option. Humph.
So, here we go.
Yes, I am a ginger, a fact with which I still wrangle. Sometimes that idea—or freckle, if you will—wriggles its way into my writing. Other than that, I am an author, a poet, and an immigration attorney. I know, I know. That last part seems incongruous. I can assure you it’s not. Immigrants, beautiful souls all, too migrate into my material. Yeah, I just did that. Yeah, it was a shameless and silly use of a double entendre. But I can be that too. Silly.
Please enter and enjoy.
And…go find a real live, bona fide,  and, of course, freckled, ginger to whom you can dispense a ginormous hug.
Love you all.

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Tiny Righteous Acts

Stayed tuned! My novel, Tiny Righteous Acts, is in the making. Here's a hint:  Pussy hats, women's marches and female candidates—oh my.  Into this estrogenic epoch arrives Charlotte Fornea, immigration attorney and feminist extraordinaire, ready to exact revenge on behalf of her female clients—all immigrants, all assaulted by men, all fleeing patriarchal cultures.

Sassy Little Jesus Girl

How a Southern Baptist Became a Table-Flipper

In this forthcoming memoir, I discuss the crazy and circuitous route a faith can take over many years. Steeped in a conservative faith, how could I possibly become like the rabble-rouser called Jesus Christ? Dive in with me as I approach this topic with humor.




This collection of poems illustrates the many affairs that scurry through a poet's mind, namely mine. Join me as I share my heart on a variety of topics:  nature, grief, feminism. Coming soon.

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