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     Parker Bauman is the pen name for Nettie Parker Bauman, an immigration attorney who represents asylum-seekers before the U.S. government, and assists inmates with Post-Conviction Relief. She also pens poetry and prose. A former board member of the Connecticut Poetry Society, she has been published internationally and locally in several print and online journals and anthologies. Most recently, Parker's poems have been featured in Connecticut River Review, Big Muddy, Earthen Lamp Journal and Poeming Pigeons.

Tiny Righteous Acts is her first novel in a series of three, and she is currently working on the sequel to it, where Charlotte ventures to Iran to continue her wacky version of revenge. Parker is simultaneously working on a memoir, Sassy Little Jesus Girl, How a Southern Baptist Became a Progressive Table-Flipper and other projects.

When not writing, Parker can be found AIS (ass in seat) in the Adirondack chair of her backyard next to husband Steve; hugging on her adult sons, Zack and Jake; hiking the beautiful hills of Connecticut with her gal pals;

or dancing in her crazy hometown of New Orleans. 

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